Because every customer deserves to be in control of their finances

Who better to know your financial goals than you? Saving for your kid’s college? Starting a new job? Just bought a house? Saving for retirement? The possibilities are endless and that’s why at AFG Rentals, we give you the freedom to choose what works for your budget! Rent-to-own is an affordable payment option with no credit check! All RTO contracts are divided into monthly payments, which are figured based on the price of the building. There is no interest rate or finance charges. Since this is a rental agreement, you are simply paying rental fees in addition to paying out the cost of the building. You have the freedom to choose from 36, 48 or 60 month terms at competitive rates. What’s even better, is you always have the freedom to choosewhen you want to own it. Pay off early at a significant discount from the remaining contract balance, or continue making the regular monthly payments for the duration of the agreement.

Life happens and situations change. At AFG Rentals, we work with you to find the best solution should a hardship arise. We give you the freedom to choose to cancel at anytime should you no longer have the need or finances to maintain the RTO agreement terms. Simply call us and request that the rental property be picked up from your location and we take care of the rest. Best of all, it never hurts your credit!



  • No credit check needed
  • Low down payment required
  • Available for a variety of product types
  • Can be cancelled anytime with no penalties
  • No fluctuating interest rates or finance charges
  • Month to month renewal terms on all agreements
  • Significant discount offered with Early Payoff Option
  • Product service/repair while you rent with current LDW program
  • Provides convenience and ownership options over off-site storage facilities



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It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Click edit button to change this text.Pick out the outdoor structure of your choice at one of our partnering manufacturer’s. Discuss pricing with your salesperson to determine the right RTO agreement length for you.


Pay your deposit and/or initial payment to begin your RTO agreement and have your product delivered.


Make your regular monthly payments on or before the due date each month to keep your account in good standing. Pay off early at a discount when ready or pay out based on the monthly term. Either way, you now own the product!

What customers are saying about AFG Rentals

I bought a large horse barn from them about 7 years ago and they were just super people to do business with. Even when I changed my payment date they were very flexible and changed my monthly due date. I will buy again from them. Great customer care folks when it was 5 months before the pay off I called and they gave me bonus bucks and paid it off with my bonus bucks. I suppose the really appreciate payments paid on time every time.

Carolyn Bridges

I had an AMAZING experience with this company! I rented a 10×12 garden shed last year and paid it off early! They always worked with me when I couldn’t pay before or on my due date every month. I will definitely buy from them again!!

Bailey Lynn Brown


When life changes happen

Make sure your unit is covered in the event of a flood, fire, storm or other act of God with our Loss Damage Waiver program. To learn more about this beneficial program and just how it works, Click Here.

AFG Rentals gives you the freedom to choose how soon you own your product with an Early Payoff Option on your rental agreement. There is no penalty for paying your agreement off early, in fact, we give you a discount to pay it off! The sooner you pay off, the more money you save! Your total contract balance can be figured by multiplying your monthly payment amount by the number of months on your rental agreement. For example, your monthly payment is $75 for a 36 month term; your total agreement balance is $2700 before taxes.

You are welcome to move your rented building to a new location with the permission of AFG Rentals.  You may acquire fees associated with moving the building and you will be responsible for the payment of any cost associated with the move job.
Should you have the unit returned to AFG Rentals, any improvements you added to the building while rented shall remain with the building and become the property of AFG Rentals.

It is our goal at AFG Rentals to ensure that you are treated with the utmost respect and compassion. State law provides you, the consumer, with a grace period predetermined by your state of residence. After the specified number of calendar days of the month have passed, by the terms of the Rental Purchase Agreement, the contract has expired. To avoid this, we suggest setting your account up for automatic payment. It is also important to provide us with current contact information so we may contact you if necessary. You may also contact one of our knowledgeable account managers for more details on how we can help make your rent-to-own experience a pleasurable one, or Click Here to learn more now.

We understand how quickly a life changing event can happen. That’s why, should the contract become a financial burden, you have the option to be relieved of the contract by returning the item and no further charges will be incurred. Under United States Bankruptcy Law § 365, should you file bankruptcy, you have the option at that time to assume or reject the contract. You should consult legal advice for complete information and provide a copy of your Rental Purchase Agreement.